Upcoming Orphanage Support in India

This is just a heads up of whats coming for support from our book. Just about 15 years ago or more, I got connected with an orphanage in Southern India. I was currently serving in the U.S. Army National Guard and was deployed overseas in Northern Iraq. I was 24 years old and did not have a family back home to support. I felt that the money I was making from being deployed should be used for something other than myself. I reached out to this orphanage and began to support their efforts in reaching the orphaned kids in India and meeting the needs of a local leper colony.

About a year after I returned home from my tour in Iraq, I went to visit India. I spent 2 weeks there and got to see first hand this organization, the lovely people who helped found it and the community of people they served. Since 2006 I have been in contact with this organization. Recently I have reached out to ask, “what are some dire needs in the community of these children and those who are sick?” I will share in the near future what these needs are as I find out more. And how I am going to continue to support this ministry and what percentage of books sales from Good Dreams Now will go to this charity of need. Also I would ask if you have any questions yourself or would like more info pleas contact me on this website or @ benjaminfherbest@gmail.com.

Please be following me and watch as I update you all what will be coming for all involved in the near future. Remember, the Helper Helps.

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