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Here is the support letter we recieved from Precilla Rajan, one of the founders of ACM Orphanage:

Dear Brother Benjamin, We greet u in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We trust this email finds u all well.
By the grace of our Lord we are doing well. We would like to share a few praise and prayer points with you.
1. Praise God for our girl Mythili who is recovered from Jaundice.
2. Praise God for the blessed Leper feeding ministry. The word of God was shared among them and heared the testimonials from the lepers.
were able feed them,and support with the essentials.
Here is a testimony from Madasamy.
Madasamy is the volunteer who gather the lepers for the meeting. Two months before, He was very ill and was hospitalized. He went to coma stage. Through continuous prayers he recovered from his sickness.
3. Praise God .Vasanthi’s husband is coming to the church since October.
He was very abusive but now God changed his heart and he opened his heart for gospel.

Prayer request:
1. Kindly uphold Tamarai in your prayers to be delivered from the bondage of the witchcraft.
2.Pray for Rebecca who is having heart problem.
3.Kinldy uphold our day care children in your prayers, as many of the children come from poor family background .we are able to support them regularly with stationary items, hygenic materials and snacks.
Also, through this ministry we have open doors to meet the children’s family and share the gospel.
4.Please Uphold Prajan 11yrs in your prayers.
He is having issues in his brain which affectes his whole body function.
5. Please pray for Krishnan one of our leper who slipped down from the moving train and the pelvic bone got fractured. He is in the hospital.

1. Christmas outfits for our children.For 70 $1400.
2. Christmas special gifts for daycare children . For 100 kids $1500.
3. Christmas special meal for our children, Church members and the day care children. It costs $600
4. To support the lepers for Christmas with the essentials. It may costs $ 1625
Love and Kindness are never wasted.
We always value your love, prayers and supports to our ministry.
In His Mission,
Rajan and Helen.

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