2023 The year of sowing

2023 was a year of sowing and giving, I’m sure this year I’ll continue to sow into others and great ministries. But this past year was amazing. 2023 we donated 70 books to every child at the Agape Home in Tamil Nadu, India. We sent 20 books to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland, Maine to hand out to children who have undergone some recent trauma. And at the end of the year we blessed all 12 children at the Godparent Home in Bangor, Maine who can have a good memory to share for years to come.
Its a blessing to be a blessing. We all have the opportunity to give and serve somehow. Thank God for this dream he put in my mind almost 40 years ago. Dreams do come true and remember you too can have, good dreams now. Blessings and peace. – Benjamin F. Herbest.

Here is to sowing more in 2024.

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