2023 was a year of sowing and giving, I’m sure this year I’ll continue to sow into others and great ministries. But this past year was amazing. 2023 we donated 70 books to every child at the Agape Home in Tamil Nadu, India. We sent 20 books to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland, Maine to hand out to children who have undergone some recent trauma. And at the end of the year we blessed all 12 children at the Godparent Home in Bangor, Maine who can have a good memory to share for years to come.
Its a blessing to be a blessing. We all have the opportunity to give and serve somehow. Thank God for this dream he put in my mind almost 40 years ago. Dreams do come true and remember you too can have, good dreams now. Blessings and peace. – Benjamin F. Herbest.

Here is to sowing more in 2024.

Here is the support letter we recieved from Precilla Rajan, one of the founders of ACM Orphanage:

Dear Brother Benjamin, We greet u in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We trust this email finds u all well.
By the grace of our Lord we are doing well. We would like to share a few praise and prayer points with you.
1. Praise God for our girl Mythili who is recovered from Jaundice.
2. Praise God for the blessed Leper feeding ministry. The word of God was shared among them and heared the testimonials from the lepers.
were able feed them,and support with the essentials.
Here is a testimony from Madasamy.
Madasamy is the volunteer who gather the lepers for the meeting. Two months before, He was very ill and was hospitalized. He went to coma stage. Through continuous prayers he recovered from his sickness.
3. Praise God .Vasanthi’s husband is coming to the church since October.
He was very abusive but now God changed his heart and he opened his heart for gospel.

Prayer request:
1. Kindly uphold Tamarai in your prayers to be delivered from the bondage of the witchcraft.
2.Pray for Rebecca who is having heart problem.
3.Kinldy uphold our day care children in your prayers, as many of the children come from poor family background .we are able to support them regularly with stationary items, hygenic materials and snacks.
Also, through this ministry we have open doors to meet the children’s family and share the gospel.
4.Please Uphold Prajan 11yrs in your prayers.
He is having issues in his brain which affectes his whole body function.
5. Please pray for Krishnan one of our leper who slipped down from the moving train and the pelvic bone got fractured. He is in the hospital.

1. Christmas outfits for our children.For 70 $1400.
2. Christmas special gifts for daycare children . For 100 kids $1500.
3. Christmas special meal for our children, Church members and the day care children. It costs $600
4. To support the lepers for Christmas with the essentials. It may costs $ 1625
Love and Kindness are never wasted.
We always value your love, prayers and supports to our ministry.
In His Mission,
Rajan and Helen.

Benjamin Freeman Herbest will be at a vendor event for a book signing in Pensacola, Florida. If you’re in the area check out this event. Here’s the link: 



This is just a heads up of whats coming for support from our book. Just about 15 years ago or more, I got connected with an orphanage in Southern India. I was currently serving in the U.S. Army National Guard and was deployed overseas in Northern Iraq. I was 24 years old and did not have a family back home to support. I felt that the money I was making from being deployed should be used for something other than myself. I reached out to this orphanage and began to support their efforts in reaching the orphaned kids in India and meeting the needs of a local leper colony.

About a year after I returned home from my tour in Iraq, I went to visit India. I spent 2 weeks there and got to see first hand this organization, the lovely people who helped found it and the community of people they served. Since 2006 I have been in contact with this organization. Recently I have reached out to ask, “what are some dire needs in the community of these children and those who are sick?” I will share in the near future what these needs are as I find out more. And how I am going to continue to support this ministry and what percentage of books sales from Good Dreams Now will go to this charity of need. Also I would ask if you have any questions yourself or would like more info pleas contact me on this website or @ benjaminfherbest@gmail.com.

Please be following me and watch as I update you all what will be coming for all involved in the near future. Remember, the Helper Helps.

Thank you all who came to my recent book signing in Hampden, Maine. I appreciate all your support!! I am excited about some upcoming book signings in my area. Here’s one coming in November:

November 5, 2022  8a – 2p

2220 Western Ave.

Newburgh, ME  04444

This is Newburgh’s Fall Craft Fair. My table will be set up in the gymnasium. Please come and show support 🙂

There are some future craft fairs coming in Hampden and I may be there as well. I have reached out to some local schools for a reading during story time and some other book signings at local libraries. Remember, the Helper Helps.

I am live on the website!! You can find me on Facebook as well @ www.facebook.com/helperhelpsauthor . I’ll work on more updates soon. But recently I heard I’ll be on a bookshelf in Bar Harbor, Maine!!! So many great things yet to come.

Welcome. My name is Benjamin F. Herbest, author of Good Dreams Now. I’m so happy to have you as a visitor to my blog about my new book. This project is very special to me, and I hope to share some of that excitement with you here.

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